2019 Winners!

3rd Place- 997499 Good Time Cookers
2nd Place- 9905012 Cowboy Scientists
1st Place- 9905014 RumRunners

1st Cash Jackpot, Trophy, Tsunami Drink Menu
2nd & 3rd Medals

$20.00 Registration Received on or before December 31, 2019
$25.00 Registration Received after January 1, 2020

• Participants must be at least 21 and must have proper identification available at check in.
• Participants must be entered in the Chili Quest Cook Off in order to participate in this event.
• Teams are REQUIRED to use Patron Silver Tequila only
o (2 – 1.5 ounces will be provided by Yaga’s Entertainment)
• Any other ingredients may be used including juices, liqueurs and garnish
• Teams will receive a 3-foot space to prepare and present their margarita.
• A ticket will be assigned to each space for judging purposes.
• Check In is at 11:30 Saturday January 18, 2020 in Saengerfest Park by the stage
• Ingredients may not be pre-mixed. Store bought juices are allowed.
• All ingredients will be inspected by the committee prior to competition.
• Only 2 members of the team are allowed on stage.
• All recipes must be original
• Costumes and themes are encouraged but not required
• Fire is absolutely not allowed as a special effect during performance
• Any type of glassware is allowed for final presentation, but no logos or distinguishable markings are permitted.
• Frozen margaritas are permitted. Power will be available, but contestant must provide extension cord & blender.
• Contest begins promptly at 12:00. No entries will be accepted once the contest begins
• Contestants are allowed 2 1⁄2 minutes of preparation time. This ONLY includes set up of equipment and
materials. NO juicing, cutting or slicing!
• Contestants are then allowed 5 minutes to prep, make and complete the margarita.
• Contestants are required to make 2 of the same margarita. 1 for tasting and 1 for presentation.
• Garbage receptacles will be provided and it is the participant’s responsibility to clean and dispose of their
area after judging has ended.

– Taste Strength of margarita, not too strong not too weak, Level of acidity, Smoothness factor
– Showmanship/Technique Bartending skills & flare displayed while mixing margarita, creativity of theme/costume
– Final Presentation Appearance of drink, appropriate glassware for drink prepared, Garnish

Jackpot Margarita Form & Payment

2020 registration is not yet available.

Only registered cook teams may enter the Jackpot Margarita Competition.

$ 0.00
I have read, understood and agree to abide by all the contest rules and release of liability as stated.